When our clients call us for a total revamp it is music to our ears!

In 2010, after working on the interior finishes with the developers to create a beautiful, modern home in Hyde Park, we were given the project to supply the furniture and decor for the new owners.

5 years later – the clients, having expanded their family, now required a complete make over.

“We will be overseas for 2 weeks” they said, “Please have our extreme makeover ready on our return” !

As the owner is an avid flower lover and grows many Anthuriums herself, we had to make sure we accommodated them throughout the house, to view at all times! We revamped the lounge, TV room, all the bedrooms (4) and at the same time incorporated a nursery into the main bedroom. In addition we changed the pyjamalounge to a home gym, added a jungle gym area outside, gave the cinema room a facelift and added a fresh new look for the patio!

When our exhausted clients arrived home from abroad they were blown away with the result!

The time frame was really a challenge for us, but we pulled it off. The outcome was extremely rewarding for both the client and us!